Basic Themes

Choose from our wide range of minimalistic design templates that are one of a kind.

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Floral Themes

Commemorate your loved one by creating a lasting keepsake with a beautiful flower centric design.

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Nature Themes

This range is perfect if your loved one had a strong affinity with nature.

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Sports Themes

This range is perfect for a loved one who was passionate about a particular sport.

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Pastime Themes

Templates centred around a particular pastime or hobby that your loved one may have enjoyed.

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Religious Themes

Ideal for a loved one who may have had a strong faith and would have preferred a more traditional design.

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Children Themes

Funeral Stationery templates which are suitable for a baby's or a young child's funeral.

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Printing Services

Supply your own designs and have us print the artwork for you. Therefore opt to:

  • Have your designs printed professionally and on High Quality Paper for less.
  • Have your artwork printed and delivered immediately from the time you request the service.

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Bespoke Services

Have one of our design templates redesigned to add that unique and personal touch. All that is required is that you:

  • Choose a design from our range of templates.
  • Pick up the phone to call and speak with one of our designers.
  • Be on hand to receive your design.

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